lunedì 23 settembre 2013

Music Corner - Inflated Psychotic

E' uscito finalmente il videoclip al quale ho partecipato come comparsa ad Agosto! E' venuto davvero bellissimo! La band si chiama Dogmate e la canzone è "Inflated Psychotic".
Per maggiori informazioni visitate il sito dei Dogmate.

xoxo Connor

Questo è il testo della canzone

I am the strongest, I control the mind you control only the body,
look behind
I'm the best, I 'll crush you until I take away your breath, I got the power
soon you'll become my sweet sweet pets
look at him through the fire
Your next opponent
is stronger than the previously
more angry, more sweat, more difficult to bring down
inflated psychotic
you make me sick, between steroids and proteins
too many wasted years
you're wasting your energy, and when your muscles are tired
I'll repeatedly strike your weak spot ... look at me through the fire
I'm your opponent
You're not into my family
give angry, give sweat
inflated psychotic

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